Why Choose a Certified Skincare Clinic in Malaysia?

    In Malaysia, it’s no secret that beauty salons and spas are the epitome of relaxation and skin rejuvenation. They offer a multitude of readily available treatments to the public, such as facials, exfoliation, facelift, laser treatments, you name it. For those with non-easily irritated skin and are aware of how their skin will react to the treatments, going to places as such for a routinely facial would be highly beneficial. Unlike facial and beauty spas, skincare clinics in Malaysia provide a thorough diagnosis before determining a suitable treatment for your skin concerns.


    Skincare clinics in Malaysia are considered a medical facility where you can find certified dermatologists and aesthetic physicians to address any skin, hair, and nail concerns. Both professions are qualified to conduct proper examinations, diagnose your skin concerns and skin diseases, and recommend suitable treatments. Unlike beauticians, they take into consideration one’s situation, medical history, and lifestyle when deciding on a treatment.


    It can be very risky for one to go to a beauty salon for treatments and procedures such as laser treatments, fat removal procedures, or even skin tag removal, as a beautician would not necessarily have the proper qualifications and training to perform such procedures. On the other hand, dermatologists and aesthetic physicians have years of medical training and the knowledge to identify the root cause of your skin concerns. In Malaysia, skincare clinics must strictly comply with medical standards so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing.


    Do some research on your own to ensure that your doctor has the relevant qualifications, whether dermatologist or aesthetic physician. At Klinik Hana, we have a total of 10 aesthetic physicians, including four certified licensed aesthetic practitioners with LCP (The Professional Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine). As a skincare clinic in Malaysia, our team of professionals strives only to deliver safe and reliable customised solutions backed up by medical science. Klinik Hana provides a range of treatments that caters to both females and males, from pico laser, skin tag removal, facial contouring, hair transplant, weight management to even vaginal rejuvenation treatments. With clinics across the Klang Valley, locate a Klinik Hana near you here and begin your journey to a happier you.


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