THREE Facial Treatments That All Malaysians Swear By!

    THREE Facial Treatments That All Malaysians Swear By!


    Living in Malaysia has its perks, but the hot and humid weather can be a struggle for many. For those with acne-prone skin or rosacea, the heat can increase your core body temperature, worsening your skin condition! Did you think that was it? The norm of wearing a mask every time we head out the door increases the chances of getting mask-ne too! And yet, we can still see lots of Malaysians flaunting their amazing skin! How? With these THREE facial treatments specially curated for Malaysians, of course!


    Three facial treatments all Malaysians get for glowing and healthy skin!

    Three facial treatments all Malaysians get for glowing and healthy skin!
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    1. Skin treatments targeted for your specific skin issues!

    Get a hydrating boost at the skin clinic if you have dry skin! Suffering from acne (mask-ne is no joke!)? Visit your dermatologist for a thorough skin analysis and treat stubborn acne! Whether you have dull skin, sensitive skin, dehydrated and oily skin, or acne-prone skin, the one thing that will highly benefit you is getting a facial treatment. Malaysia has an abundance of facial treatments to cater to all skin types. Regularly getting a facial treatment to treat your specific issue can help you achieve that healthy skin you've dreamed of!

    2. Exfoliating treatments for that #glow

    Now, this may sound intimidating to some. Exfoliating my face?! That sounds harsh! Nope, exfoliating facial treatments are a popular treatment for all, not only Malaysians. They are gentle in providing deep cleansing and skin purifying effects on your skin. Even if you are genetically blessed with healthy skin, you will have dead skin cells. The skin renews itself periodically; therefore, your skin may appear dull if the dead skin cells are not removed! Ask for a chemical peel the next time you visit your skin clinic in Malaysia; they're a highly sought-after facial treatment for exfoliating the skin!

    3. Look younger than your actual age with anti-aging treatments!

    Attention, ladies going into their mid-30s! Anti-aging facial treatments are a godsend to all Malaysians! They are a great non-surgical alternative to achieve face lifting effects and stimulate collagen production for younger-looking and plumper skin. Even if you don't have visibly saggy skin, a bi-monthly treatment will do wonders for your skin.

    As long as you've got these three facial treatments (like most Malaysians have!) in the bag, you're on your way to healthy, radiant, and glowing skin! From facial treatments for general skin upkeep to procedures that will help safely removes facial hair, Klinik Hana has a multitude of facial, skin, and body treatments that will help solve your skin concerns and issues. As a certified skin clinic here in Malaysia, rest assured that you will observe a difference with our facial treatments! Get started with us today.


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