The importance of Facial Treatment


    Our face is a visual representation of our identity. This is why many of us consider make up an essential part of our day-to-day routine to obtain flawless skin. However, there's nothing like having naturally glowing, flawless skin that could brighten your entire day. Besides including skincare products in your facial routine, there is no better way to maintain your beauty regime than getting it done by the experts.

    Just like regular dental check-ups, here's why your skin needs regular cleansing:  


    Facial Extraction

    Facial extraction is the process of clearing congested or oil production in the pores by manual or mechanical means for a thorough cleaning. Getting your skin condition assessed by a professional doctor is very important because not every bump on the face is ready for extraction. When it is done correctly, facial extraction can give your skin a fresher and newer foundation without leaving scars on it.




    One of the most important reasons people book a facial session is for exfoliation. Regular exfoliation carried out by the professional can help to properly remove dead skin cells by either using a chemical peel or an exfoliation tool. By doing so, it encourages the growth of new and healthy cells, giving you a better complexion. 



    Therefore, seeking professional help is very crucial to achieve flawless skin!


    In Klinik Hana, you will find different ranges of treatment services, ranging from skincare treatment to Body Contouring. 


    Why is facial treatment in Klinik Hana better than your YouTube skincare routine? While everyone has a different skin type, a certified aesthetic doctor will be able to assess your skin condition to provide a customised facial treatment plan that best fits your skin condition.


    As one of the leading skincare clinics in Malaysia, having facial treatment in Klink Hana not only allows you to deep cleanse your skin and eliminate white or blackheads, you can also opt for treatment of your choice featuring wrinkles reduction, skin tightening, skin whitening and many more to help you regain better skin condition.


    If you think that facial treatment is nothing but money wasted, think again! Because your skin is definitely missing out on something great for it.


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