Here are 3 Must-Haves in A Weight Loss Clinic in Malaysia

     Here are 3 Must-Haves in A Weight Loss Clinic in Malaysia

    Time to start your weight loss journey today!

    Time to start your weight loss journey today!
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    When you search for "weight loss clinic Malaysia" on your phone, the number of clinics that pop up is innumerable, thus leaving Malaysian consumers on which weight loss clinic they can trust. More importantly, how would they know to choose a clinic that puts their weight management AND their health first instead of instant results that can lead to dire, long-term side effects.

    Before knowing what are some must-haves in a weight-loss clinic in Malaysia, read here on why you should visit a weight loss clinic for your health. Many seem to assume that a weight loss clinic simply indulges in dangerous surgeries to make you lose weight quickly. However, in reality, a reputable clinic practicing aesthetic medicine will incorporate their signature treatment options and a healthy, long-lasting weight loss journey.

    1. Types of treatment offered

    One vital factor in choosing your clinic is knowing the types of weight loss treatment offered by the said clinic. Your weight management treatment should be personalised to your body type and body mass index for you to lose weight healthily.

    2. Medical Practitioners involved

    Before you choose your weight loss clinic, you also need to be aware of the medical professionals attached to the clinic. Only aestheticians approved by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) will be providing a proven, certified weight loss program for you while putting your health first. The details regarding the doctors should be made available to the public on the clinic's website.

    3. Proven results

    Now, if you would want to invest in a weight loss program, you would surely want to see some proven testimonies of previous clients. In that sense, the clinic should strive to deliver visible results and keep downtime to a minimum with science-backed solutions.

    Which weight loss clinic ticks all boxes based on the criteria above? Klinik Hana of course! As one of the leading body treatment clinics in Malaysia, we help our clients lose weight with our personalised doctor consultations guiding you through your weight loss journey. 

    When it comes to weight loss, we offer three of our signature treatments:

    • Fat Burner Injection- This method is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that melts away your fats in your targeted areas.

    • Radio Frequency-This treatment is also non-invasive and works by producing thermal energy that heats the fat below the skin's surface.

    • Saxenda- This injectable prescription medication is used by those with weight-related medical problems to help them lose weight.

    Visit Klinik Hana today and let us guide you to lose weight in a healthy and effective manner to bring out the best you!


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